Granpalu's South American excursion 2013 travel blog



Early morning walk along waterfront. Short flight to La Serena

Wandered the city admiring 200-300yr old buildings. Found great vegetarian/gluten free cafe for late lunch. Had worst meal ever for late dinner. Nearing the end.


Early morning stroll along Antofagasta waterfront. City is very elongated between steep coastal range and the ocean. Warning signs about tsunami risk along coast. Picked up and transferred to airport and caught LAN flight to La Serena. Evident that many workers in N Chile have come to live in La Serena region and use FIFO. Picked up at La Serena airport by Raul (guide) and taken to Hotel Costa Real. Had lunch at nearby vego restaurant and then an extensive walk around city region. La Serena appears to be quite prosperous. Went to relatively close restuarant for dinner, but it was a rather poor food experience. Both Antofagasta and La Serena were covered in low cloud, apparently typical despite the dry climate, because of the adjacent cool Humboldt Current along the coast

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