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12 hours of this

She's finally hugging the right man

Texas Canyon

Just one we liked

Such shape

Lots of Saguaro

Close up of Saguaro

Saguaro on the peak

What a day this was!! We left Anthony at 8:05AM heading to a one night stay in Tucson. The distance fit our rule of four hour maximum travel which may be extended on rare occasions to five hours. After a time change since Arizona does not recognize daylight savings time, we arrived at Tucson and discovered that the exit from the interstate was closed due to road construction. A call to the campground seeking guidance on how to find the site, gave us a wonderful answering machine telling us that the entire staff was in the park somewhere and would be right back. No ability to leave a message. I should mention that Linda had called them earlier in the day to verify check in times and no one mentioned the road construction. Well, we relied on Dear Old Tom, our trusty GPS, and he found the site, after some searching and frustration.

On the door was a nice hand written note saying that they would be back in a few minutes to take care of customers, but they were currently out in the park. Forty minutes later with them still in the park, we decided to cancel our one night Tucson stay and continue to Camp Verde, which was three and one half hours away. That time did not allow for Phoenix at rush hour. We arrived in Camp Verde twelve hours after the trip began. Linda and I are still smiling and very much in love, but the same cannot be said for Destiny. She did very well for the first eleven, but she is nor a twelve hour rider. She is seriously considering an owner swap.

We crossed and saw some beautiful mountains, passed through two canyons and saw lots of Saguaro cactus. Tomorrow will be a late morning and maybe some site seeing.

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