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A very special friend

Our kind of place

A Mexican shrimp cocktail

Linda's flautas

My jumbo burito

A pecan grove

Rio Grande needs water

Another view of the Rio Grande

Rio Grande is still dry

Today we were able to spend the entire day with a dear and special friend for the first time in five years. We shared about our lives, lied a bit, laughed a lot and reaffirmed a valued friendship. He took us to our kind of restaurant and we proceeded to eat too much of some very tasty food. Mexican shrimp cocktails are out of this world and like nothing we've had before. Linda finally found the flautas she's been craving and I had a very small burrito. Both of us did a nice job of clearing our plates and continue to truly enjoy Mexican food. The salsa was delicious even if Linda did say it had some "authority". We went for a drive, saw some pecan groves as well as more mountain vistas. Unfortunately the store at the pecan grove was closed, so all those sweet treats Richard had promised were not to be found. Although this is a desert and they are experiencing a drought, we were not prepared for what we saw at the Rio Grande. The pics attached really are of the center of the famed river. It never has much water, but this is what might be called "bone dry".

Temps today in low 80's with sun and wind. Tomorrow may be a steak day!

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