2013 South America Cruse travel blog

One of several temple pyramids at Pachacamac

Temple of the moon (restored) at Pachacamac (2)

Peruvian Prancing horses (2)

View from the 5 star hotels on the bulffs overlooking the ocean

March 14,2013

Callao and Lima Peru ( day 1)

We docked at Callao harbor at about 10 am. Callao is Peru’s main shipping point and is very busy. Peru has 30 million people; 700,000 live in Callao and 8 million live in Lima. There is no clear delineation between the cities of Callao and Lima. The traffic is very heavy and I think passing a driving test includes proficiency in the use of the horn. I attempted to decipher the horn code. Two short beeps means “move it!”, one long beep is not fit for print. Today we have a tour scheduled from 1-9 pm. Ur tour guide is very knowledgeable and she talked non-stop for the entire trip. Every sentence was ended with the phrase “,no?”. We had a tour of Callao, Lima, visited the Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology after which we visited the Inca temples at Pachacamac. Pachacamac literally means “ Creator of Earth”. There are several temples (temples are Inca pyramid structures); the main ones are the Sun and Moon Temples. The Moon temple has been restored but the Sun temple is in ruins. Then it was on to a traditional Hacienda to watch a demonstration of Peruvian Paso Horses and native folk dancing followed by a “late lunch” at 5 pm. Everyone napped on the way back to the ship. Needless to say, we skipped dinner.

March 15, 2013

Callao and Lima Peru ( day 2)

We scheduled a “on your own” bus ride into Lima. The “tour” was from 9-12:30. What we didn’t realize was it took an hour bus ride to reach our destination which means we only had 2 hours to walk around town. Actually just a few block of one district. The bus dropped us off at the Marriott hotel. We thought we would go to the “Indian market”, just a few blocks from where the bus dropped us off, or as we were told. After walking 30 minutes, we asked a policewoman that said it was just a few blocks more. We were disappointed in what we found and only had about ½ hour to shop before heading back to the pickup point. The traffic in Lima is organized cause The interesting point was that all the high-end hotels are located on the bluffs overlooking the ocean. At ocean level is a road that we were on the day before looking up at the hotels. Back at the ship we stopped at the shops across from the ship to shop.

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