2013 - Florida travel blog

Bi-plane coming in for a landing

Bi-plane down and parked

Rope walks

Girl on zip line

Fantasy of Flight Museum

We have left the state of Florida and are spending the night in Valdosta, GA about 5 miles into Georgia.

Yesterday we were out riding around and stopped at the Fantasy of Flight museum. They have a lot of old airplanes there as well as a zip line and a huge structure that has all types of rope walks to test your agility. You must be in a harness to climb up on it. We were amazed at the young children up on it as well as teens and adults. There were several teenaged employees up there to help anyone having trouble - especially at each end of the zip line. They also were giving bi-plane rides..... at the nominal cost of $69.95/person for four people at a time. We didn't go in the museum - we figured we have plenty of time once we are down there for extended periods. We've managed to get lost twice looking for a grocery store. We did find Walmart in Lakeland and got the groceries we needed there. It's going to be fun learning the area!

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