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We took a day trip to PN Sierra Nevada today because I’m always interested in seeing the national parks. Plus Chris wasn’t feeling well so we decided going somewhere close where we could take it easy would be good. It was actually very easy to get there from Merida – all we had to do was take a bus and then a jeep. I think it cost a total of about $3 for us both round trip. The park was beautiful. We hung out by the Rio Corromoto for a while – Chris was sleeping, trying to recover from whatever Montezuma had sent him. Then we walked up the road to the park entrance. This is the entrance where you would start a 5 day backpacking trip to the lakes and the base of Pico Bolivar. As a note if you are reading this because you are interested in doing this trek – yes you can do this trek on your own. The park was totally safe and the trail had no one on it (I hiked it for about an hour). I did see a group of 3 venezuelan women starting the trek sin guia which leads me to believe it can be done. The one thing I would note is I do think it gets cold at night so come prepared with warm clothes and a warm sleeping bag. It also gets cloudy on the mountain tops in the afternoon so I would be prepared for rain. A GPS is beneficial also when visibility is poor. Anyway, the hiking was very cool - it reminded me of the Valdivian temperate forests with lots of bromeliads and ferns along the trail. It was very lush unlike PN la Culata which was more of an arid desert. It was fortunate we got to see both sides of the Andes.’

One other note due to Chris’s illness today: Be very careful what you eat and drink. Maybe we were a little too adventurous with street food too early on in the trip. Also, the other night I woke up and had no water so I used the steripen to treat the tap water – I think it was okay – it worked for me, but Chris had some of this water so maybe that wasn’t a good idea. So always remember to buy a bottle of water before bedtime because otherwise you wake up at 3 am dying of thirst and desperate for water.

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