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Water maze

Hever Castle

Tim, Blake, Julian, Rupert

Driving on to train to cross Channel


We have made it to our 2nd to last country before returning home. And we are back to English (English English) speaking countries too!

We left Strasbourg bright and early Tuesday morning, and drove west to Calais, a town on the coast of France where you can board the train through the EuroTunnel. It was cool to drive the car onto a train. I was thinking that it would be like the car ferries in the Puget Sound and we would get out of our cars and go up top to look around, but then, it wasn't a boat, it was a train and it was in a tunnel, so there was no top and nowhere to look. And the ride was only about 45 minutes. Then we drove out of the train car and onto the left side of the road. Weird.

When I told Tim that we were going to cross a big body of water, he asked me if it pooped. I didn't get it at first. But then he explained, if it's a body, doesn't it poop? And you wonder why I am always writing about poop.

For whatever reason, I am pleasantly surprised at how "English" everything is. There are English gardens everywhere, red phone booths, red double decker buses, pubs named The Hare and The Spotted Dog and people name their homes things like "Cloud House" and "Windy Bottom" (although Lyn said the latter is because the owner has a flatulence problem). I really thought some of what I was picturing was exaggerated from stories or whatever, but it's really as cute as I imagined, and we love it!

We are staying at Dwight's grandmother's sister's granddaughter Lyn's (got that?) house, which is in Tunbridge Wells, a very cute town about 45 minutes south of London. The house is perfect! She has two little boys, Rupert and Julian, who are basically the same ages as Tim and Blake. They were here the first day to help us get situated, and then left on vacation, so we have the whole place to ourselves. (Although we'd have prefered for them to stay here and play with us.) The boys each have their own room with beds and toys appropriate for their age and they are both in complete heaven. Toys, toys, toys. Thomas the Tank Engine EVERYWHERE. Tim is on a three day overstimulation mode. Sleep? Who needs sleep when there are so many trucks and toys to play with?

Yesterday we went to Hever Castle, which was really fun. It had a moat and draw bridge, which facinated Tim once we told him they were to keep the Bad Guys out. Unlike the beautiful Paris gardens where the grass is off limits, here there are kids running on the grass in every direction, which was really fun. There was also a water maze where if you step on the wrong step, you get sprayed by water.

The only downside to our trip was that while we were there Blake got sick and urped up all over himself and his stroller. This is the first time we've EVER had to deal with either boy throwing up. He seems fine now, which is good. Maybe too many fish and chips?

And as much as I was sad to leave France because I love being around the French language, I am much less worried about the possiblitiy of having to take someone to the hospital/doctor now that we are in the UK.

Okay that's it from Royal Tunbridge Wells, England.


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