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The Fleet

Waiting for a place to drill a big hole

OK Grampa, I've had enough. Back to the AC, please

In the beginning there were Crawfish

All good things must come to an end.

The final batch of residue

Today was an adventure to say the least. We started out with a well thought out plan and followed it perfectly. We were going to Intracoastal City where the brochure said we would find an observation tower. The map was perfect and easy to follow so the GPS hung on the dash taking a nap. There were parts of roads on the ground that didn't exist on the map and parts of the map that were just coffee spills, so, you guessed it, we got lost. Saw parts of Acadiana that even Cajuns haven't seen yet and alligators fear to tread. We did eventually find Intracoastal City after we awakened the GPS, but the damn tower is not to be found. There were clearly two major industries in this town; Oil and Shrimp. It was obviously a staging area for drilling and the home of the shrimp fleet. Unfortunately there were no free fossil fuel samples and the fleet was tied to the dock. We had some good laughs and even a couple of quiet times, but it is a trip for the memory banks.

This afternoon Linda napped while I read Cajun cook books and took Destiny for an aborted walk. This was in preparation for the really big event Boiled Crawfish at Hawks. I had five pounds and Linda three, but this was our final trip so we ate quietly and with some sadness.But the 37th pound of Louisiana crawfish was as pleasing as the first. Tomorrow is restocking day and Saturday is pack up for a Sunday move to Shreveport.

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