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Tsui Sing Lau Pagoda

Sheung Cheung Wai walled village

Tang Ancestral Hall

Yu Kiu Ancestral Hall

HK harbour

HK harbour

HK harbour

HK harbour

Today, we rode the MTR out into the new territories. These were leased to the UK in 1898 for 99 years. At the end of the lease Hong Kong was handed back to China. We were going to visit a heritage trail at Ping Shan. On arrival, we were not overly surprised to find sky rise apartments out this far from HK.

The trail was very good, with many buildings dating back hundreds of years and most of them belonged to the Tong clan in the Guangdong province. It was good to hardly see a person, with a few travellers exploring the trail, but nothing compared to the well known HK tourist attractions. Its good to know things like this exist.

We then went on the evning cruise of HK harbour to see the nightly, "Symphony of lights" spectacular. All I'm going to say is photos don't do it justice. That is the photos make it look way better than it really is!

Then I went and bought a nice and heavy mah jong set from a dealer. Now just got to get it home.

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