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An interesting day today. We started our journey planning to visit the Rig Museum in Morgan City which is an actual off shore oil platform now retired and moored in Morgan City so people can see what we hear so much about. We planned to then go to Pierre Part and see where Troy Landry of Swamp People fame lives. Well, the geologists who gave directions to the rig, would have trouble finding their way out of a paper bag, so we hope they are better at finding oil. After a call and a long wasted journey, the rig museum moved to the back burner and to Pierre Part we went. The brochures list a few places one might see Troy so we started our search. The restaurant was closed, the general store was a bust so the only place left was Duffy's Shell where he sells his alligators.

We got there only to find that we had just missed him, but he should be returning soon. While waiting Linda spoke with some store workers including one especially nice lady and a man who resembled Troy. We soon discovered that the man was his brother and the lady his mother. Sure enough, after a short period of time, Troy drives up. He was exactly like he is on the show and a nice gentleman. who hugged my wife and answered all our questions. We learned that Duffy's is the Landry family business as his delightful Mom gave us a tour of their facility. As the morning moved on we met Clint, who is truly shy but very nice and Chase who is a very nice young man who knows how to talk to old people. Before we left we also met Duffy who is quite the character and we were even introduced to a family friend.

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