Lindsays not wanting to work 2012 travel blog

ENTERing Victoria in pouring rain


ileagal build houeing

part of city



narow ship canel


ship turning around less then 5 mts. to spare


lost proberty no one has ever come to claim it 2years

look at foundations


bit of spare space lets build a house



hill side waiting for ileacal houses

rubber ducky


first of 2500 disco

boat closs to rock


hey i still do a days work


david the enlish man


i have forgoten her mane

more houses

I missed the froat


beuty and the beast


men at work



traffit jan



transformer trailers


being loaded onto trucks



ship leaving dock

going out


closes enother





ex prison




old fort

alright for some



i an rich









rock garden



hidding rocks 15 mts from boat

looking back

beach suburg of victoria



island at entry to rio de janiero


cococobama beach



you know that man on a rock in the rain


sugar loaf

cable car on top

cable cars


spot the cable car


300 year old forted



main city



this is the one that broke down in the cairabeing

naval traing base on a island

car ferey

old building


look out look out i on my way to a break down

ex uk

better photo



brid no linka i don't know its name



we can build any where




first leg of football staidian for world cup


an i an getting paid

looking out of rear door


man on rock cload disapeared

3 of 5 every day come in for the day only

many many unmaded birds

i was hoping he would fall of his rock



new dock being build in Paranagua

looking to the city of paranagua



Daka, senegal affica

as far as i got on my big adventure


overseas fishing boats

food aid from india

next time




slave port





brendy bit on bendy bus

vovol made in brazil



slave island


craped out well maintrained


yes they are doffins i was talking to dii of the caneries...





cranes for loddons new port

we passed these in septerber out of shanghai max 7 mph

well this has to be quick as i thougt i still had 2+days to go to the next boat but it arives this night and what me on the boat very eary tommorow so they are sending a car at 7an for me enjoy the photos

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