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A crawfish field with traps in place

The crawfish harvest

The boat with a view of the drive wheel

Our destination

Wishing for a fishing rod


A new beginning for Booth's Grocery

Oil Platform

Thibodeaux's has a sign

AC if we need it

The beginning

The end

Today we took a five hour drive down the Creole Nature trail. Before reaching the trail we saw many crawfish farming operations with farmers forced to work extra hours since the Whayland Crawfish Machine came to town. Linda got some great pics of the process including the traps and harvesting boats.

As we drove through the trail we saw lots of natural beauty but kept noticing extremes in housing conditions. Many homes appeared new or newly renovated while others were complete wrecks and others had travel trailers where homes obviously used to be. When we stopped at a small local grocery, the 82 year old lady who owned the store told us it was from hurricane Rita and that she just got her store back after a three year wait. The saddest thing she told us was that many of the people just didn't come back. To lose everything and have to start over is just unfathomable to us. We saw lots of oil related facilities and equipment and it all appeared in good shape and operating. Some things just aren't fair.

When we got back Linda tried to make reservations at the restaurant where we planned to see some Cajun dancing, only to be told that there was no room for us. Now we had a problem with nothing thawed for dinner and both of us hungry. The campground staff told Linda about a place called Thibodeaux's that sounded like our kind of dive. Some pics are included. Needless to say, we did battle with some crawfish again with three pounds for the lady and five for the gentleman.

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