Lindsays not wanting to work 2012 travel blog

getting ready for BBQ

at sea doing 20 mph on auto

that fat bugger things he is in charge

the Italin crew

no poluution laws at sea

that's the captain




hach covers

well done

Indian enginners

other passingers about to cross the equakter

she didn't take it well






sun setting that night








at lest they are not of trucks


i like then










snoby cow didn't what to cut my toe nails


wouldn't start

part cornakry


new toy on deck





young lady

road sweeper


yes another one



fisher men




i use to work in this lot 35 years ago


hospitel ship fill of females i an on the wrong boat








i like the reflection






as you may have gravered i and traveling on a big oblong building block 212 metres long,35 metres wide with 15 decks for cars and heavy mancies in the traded known as a RORO 15000 car capacity carrier, It is fitted with self stabilizers so was a very stable boat to travel on it was crewed with Itainin deck oferies and cook [ boiler of pasta ] and the rest of the crew was Indian my suit and 3 rooms ,the bath room had a full bath and a whores bath as well but like the rest of the boat the mantrainese was poor,Grimaldi believe don't fix it if the boat is still moving and they carry no spares,that is why we broke down in the lock going into Antwerp and where towed into the dock and it 8 extra days to fix the cooling system and replace the supercharger at lease i was on the boat and being fed while the other2 passengers for Reo where waiting in Le Havre, David was from England and i can't remember her mane was a artist from Italy who was above us. After leaving Lr havre we sailed for 3days till we when past the Canary islands which must have the worlds best cell phone system and calling NZ cost 2 cents per minute and they only person in NZ who would be up 1an was Dii so she got a call going both ways,all work work for the3 hours it takes to pass the canaries stops while the crew talk to their wife's and kids ,and i get to think that i an the captain. In cornakly we where not allowed of the boat as their hag just been riots and it wasn't considered to be safe all of the old cars on the top outside deck where unloaded as von see from the photos we crossed the equator bang on midday and the other 2 passenger curry mixed with oil poured over then i sat behind the eletroit gear so that i wold stay dry

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