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My baby on a limb with character

It rocked and I had no Grandchild to rock

White Camelia

Red Camelia

Another limb with character

Ice cream flavoring for the strong

Interior view of Hawk's

Another Hawk's shot

First five pounds

Today began with a trip to Avery Island and a tour of the Tabasco factory. The most hot stuff I've ever seen in one place. We have small samples of all their sauces which will be more than enough to last Linda into eternity. I even purchased some ice cream mix with Tabasco flavoring. That's a sure way for me to get all of the ice cream. Then we toured the 200 acre jungle garden the family that owns Tabasco has built as a sanctuary for White Egrets and developed into a beautiful botanical garden.

Lunch in the trailer and some laundry chores attended to. We decided to extend our time in this area and are now booked here till the 11th. We hope we can find some warm place after that. Lots more to see here and much cuisine that we still need to sample. For dinner we found another out of the way our kind of place. Dinner was to be five pounds of crawfish shared, which we did. Unfortunately that wasn't enough so we ordered and consumed three more pounds of the delicious mud creatures. We even learned how they are grown as a crop, cleaned and prepared. We don't plan to eat anymore crawfish this week. Glad today is Thursday.

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