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G’Day all……

We have been in Australia now for just over one week. We are staying in a place called The Entrance – which is about one and a half hours north of Sydney. It’s a holiday resort for people to vacation at. The first few days we had bad weather – lots of wind and rain. However, the past few days have been much better and we can now explore what Australia has to offer in this area. We even had to postpone our surfing lesson because of the rain and wind!!! The good news is we bought 2 surfboards and wetsuits for everyone…so we are going out and learning to surf!!! Our surf lesson is with a ten time national surfing champion…oh yeah!!

Sydney has a lot of history – it was originally founded as a penal colony when 1000 people, 796 of them convicts, arrived here in 1788 from England by boat. You can still see a lot of English history here…from street signs, food products etc.

A few days ago we made the drive to Sydney to do some sightseeing, to park the car downtown would have cost us $79 for 3+ hours…..can you say expensive!!! So, we thought we would leave and try another. Our next one wanted $59 for 3+ hours…we stayed but have come to realize just how expensive things are here. A small ice cream cone is $5, a small cup of coffee (called a flat white or long black) is $3, chocolate bar $3, Krispy Kream donut $3 for one…..groceries are expensive too!!! A one month fitness membership is $150….

Driving has been fun, only once have we gone down the wrong side of the road onto oncoming traffic. But you will have to talk to Glenn personally to get the full details of this driving adventure…lol.

We visited The Sydney Opera House. It took 16 years to build at a cost of $102 million dollars. The roof is made of thousands of individual, white tiles…quite impressive. We did have pictures but they were deleted from our camera accidently…guess we will have to go back!

After that, we went for a walk to The Rocks…an area located under the Harbour Bridge. In the 1800’s The Rocks was a slum with narrow alleys, taverns and brothels. In the 1900’s, the bubonic plague struck and parts of The Rocks had to be torn down. Today, it has been renovated and restored as part of the historic quarter of Sydney. A very interesting place!

Today we are heading to Soldiers beach to take our surfing lesson..surfs up dude!

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