Lindsays not wanting to work 2012 travel blog

trffic jan while loading

part of load

part of same


old port buildings




the boat



2nd live in affrica


rear doors on boat


vovol bus


spare tryes


old cars on the outside deck going to affica



Antwere lages car port in the world 12 carries per day



trucks for affrica




tn and out while we wait




part of load




rolled while loading



cornakry guinea

waiting for work






these where fishing 100 miles out




the inporter of the old cars


no they don't cut toe mails


fag shop








hi this will have to be very quick as i an using some one elses internet.we left hamburg on the 2-1-13 got as far as Apwhere and the boat broke down for 8 days they had to do a marjor engin repair this was after it being late as it was in dry dock for 14 days after a fire in one of the flue tanks. i an totaly sick of pasta but will be in hamburg in 4 days time for another 7 days then i will send a prober up date.

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