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It was a stressful journey getting to our next stop Kaiteriteri, due to the two boats splitting and the buses being over booked. We left at 9am, and then we were told the coaches were full and when we got to the ferry port, some of us may not be able to get on the coach that was going down the south island, as you can imagine this went down like a lead balloon. Luckily mine and Amy’s name were called out, we were safe but we had to switch coaches, we didn’t really mind as we had really got a solid group yet and was looking forward to meeting some nice people. No-one seemed to know what was going on and we ended up getting on a different coach, there was no lunch break and it took nearly 6 hours in the other bus to finally arrive in Kaiteriteri. So in total almost 9 hours in a coach – very long.

But due to the long bus and switching of buses journey we had now made bus friends; Emily and Ellie from Somerset along with a few others but these are the two, we bonded with most. When we arrived at the hostel, we dumped our stuff in the room and went to get a cider, fish and chips. It was a great evening chatting to everyone. We were due to move on tomorrow as there isn’t much to do here but at dinner we were told that some people would have to go on stand-by as once again the coaches were overbooked. Amy and I were put on the coach for the next day but no one we had made friends with were. After a discussion we decided to sacrifice our places so we could move on with the people we had made friends with in a couple of days’ time, kiwi experience saw this as we were helping them out and paid for our accommodation for the next 2 nights, which was a massive added bonus and we moved into a 4 bed dorm with Ellie and Emily. It was really fun the 4 of us being in a room and with four girls, it got very messy very quickly.

That evening we had some drinks and did some karaoke, which was hilarious, Charles from America was tone-deaf but loved Karaoke and got up and sang all the time when there was a gap, he was in competition with a guy called Ashley from England who was amazing at singing and everyone cheered when he went up and booed for Charles. It was so funny and the whole pub was up on their chairs singing and dancing.

The following day we made the most of the gorgeous weather, it was 30 degrees amazing sunshine, clear blue sky and Kaiteriteri is just beautiful with the sea having mountains in the background, it’s very picturesque.

That evening we didn’t do much just relaxed and went to watch the boys compete at Karaoke again, very funny again, us girls though decided to have an early-ish night to make the most of the fact we got a lay in the next morning. When I say this we didn’t get up till 1pm the following day - we weren’t really sure what to do with our day but Kaiteriteri is placed next to a National Park, Aber Tasman so we thought we better take a walk there. No-one could be that bothered as once again the weather was gorgeous. As we made our way to the national park on the way we saw a sign for a boat saying ‘Coffee n Cruise’. I said ‘I’d love to do that’ and within 2 minutes we had given up with the walking and Amy, Emily, Ellie and I were on ‘Coffee n Cruise’ with Skipper Dave driving the boat. It took us around different bays, which were just stunning, the water was just so so blue and clear and the bays had pure white sand, surrounded by mountains and greenery. We saw the National Park and had our coffee by Split Apple Rock. This is exactly what it saids a round rock that has split into two - it looks like an Apple cut in half. The sun was shining, great company, good coffee and very picturesque- life is good.

Once back on dry land we had a lay on the beach and relaxed before going back to pack our bags as we are moving on tomorrow. That evening we had Spaghetti and Cheese on Toast it was yummy, a backpacker favourite and later on met Arthur from Sweden, Tom from England and Elle from Kingston and Georgie from Preston. They are all so nice and we had a great evening discussing what we would be doing for the next week or so together, after a few too many drinks we headed to bed as we have an early start tomorrow to head to Westport and properly start the Kiwi Experience and the West coast of the South Island. Can’t wait.

It took about four hours to get to Westport. It was the most built up town we had seen a while and it really wasn’t even that built up either but had a supermarket, a bar and few other shops and restaurants.

When we arrived in the evening, the 8 of us; Amy, Emily, Ellie, Elle, Georgie, Arthur, Tom and I decided to have to dinner together. I suggested I’d make a lasagne for everyone. So I cooked a big lasagne and we had garlic bread and salad with it. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and it was very tasty may I say so too. In fact the compliment of ‘whoever ends up marrying you is a lucky man’ was said.

We had booked an early morning horse ride and by the time we had eaten dinner and had a few games of cards a small skype to one of my best friends Madeleine, as it’s her 25th birthday, we went to bed.

The following morning we had to get up at 6.45am! I wasn’t too impressed as horse riding isn’t one of my favourite activities but Westport is really beautiful and it was a great way to see it. My horse was the biggest and liked to eat and wee a lot! His name was Jed, he was really well behaved and we had a gallop and a good trot together. The morning was beautiful, clear blue sky and the sun was rising from behind the mountains. Elle and Georgie came too so it was a good laugh and a great way to start the day – refreshing and picturesque.

It was only a short stop in Westport as today we are off to Lake M, where we have a big superhero fancy dress party and a BBQ, I’m excited.

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