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An amazing start to the day. Up at 6 a.m. and guess what no rain, yet. Stepped out of our cabin to be greeted by a kookaburra, sitting, grubbing in the ground. Cheeky chap, posed for his photograph and I gave Roger a rendition of the kookaburra song. I didn’t say he had an amazing start to the day ha ha.

We hit the beach and were further amazed to see the kangaroos, paddling, searching the sand for food and fighting. It was truly a beautiful sight. I honestly thought the beach would be packed with kangaroo spotting tourists but there were surprisingly few. If you arrived at the beach any later than 6.15.a.m. you would miss the event. The numerous sand fly bites, that we have both been subject to, have been worth it.

By 8.45 a.m we were ready to start our nature walk. If I knew at 8.47 a.m what I knew at 11.15 a.m i would have jumped back into bed and watched the Discovery Channel. In a very short while I feared for my life, but we had got to a point that it was more treacherous to go back than to continue up. The jungle formula insect repellent we are using, maximum strength, seems to be the local insects favourite as we were bitten alive. We may just as well cover ourselves in honey.

Poor Crocodile Dundee Roger had forgotten his trainers and is determined to see this trip out in his deck shoes for things like this. Fortunately the sole came away from the upper on the downward trek and he managed to flap his way down to terra firma.

We don’t know the last time people actually completed this walk but at the start Crocodile found himself a sturdy stick for support. I love that little stick now, because half way through the walk Crocodile saw in our path, which was narrow and treacherous all the way through, the biggest spider’s web and black spider with a yellow part on its body that we have ever seen, outside of a zoo. Fearless Crocodile cleared the path with his trusty stick and we were able to proceed into more nightmare. Our paced slowed down after that – if it could get any slower.

I thought I was doing a bush tucker trial, if so I would rather eat a widgety grub than do the walk again. I was praying that when we started to descend the tide was out and the causeway was showing. This was because if the tide was in we would have to climb all the way back the way we had come. Fortunately the tide was out but the nightmare wasn’t over. We then had to clamber over rocks and boulders to get to the beach we could walk along to get back to the resort. How I ever did this whole nature trail thing, and lived to tell the tale, is beyond me. I’m a city girl and that’s how I want to stay.

The weather in the afternoon was superb. Lovely and hot and at last I was able to wear one of the five swimsuits I brought with me. In the pool area, of the resort, was a sign about the walk we had done earlier and basically it said for the experienced walker and notify the reception before you set out. Well the receptionist we spoke to yesterday, about the walk, did not tell us that.

Tomorrow we are going on a boat tour to the Whitsundays and then on to Townsville.

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