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One of the 12 beautiful bahias.

The water was great for snorkeling.

Every view seemed to be pretty, this is looking out from the...

Demonstrating our lack of balance.

Monkeys come in all sizes here.

Pre-flight photo!

Lisy on the rocks.

A little secret cove with lots of fish life, including a 5...

Maybe this isn't the best place to stand!

The view from our hotel balcony.

The 12 Bahias de Hautulco in southern Oaxaca. We had not even heard of this part of Mexico until we stumbled upon it. This is one of the few areas of Mexican coast that is protected from fishing and over development and it is beautiful. The area has a string of big, deep bays surrounded by high granite cliffs that are covered in hardwood forests, a very striking look.

This area is slated for more development, but for now it is a peaceful little place with a lots of tasty restaurants and even a movie theater! It seems like the animal and plant life here was different too, getting more like Central America as you headed south. We hit this place both directions, as it had a comfortable mix of civilization and nature, and not to mention some great surf nearby!!

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