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The visibility here on a bad day is 80 feet +

Tropical Paradise, taken from a dive boat.

Lisy and her new little friends.

Enjoying a day at the beach, West End, Honduras.

Still smiling at 60 feet!

Marc and a few sharks!

Feeding Frenzy!

These were the true lords of the deep. They patrol the seas...

Lisy at her scuba class, day 1.

Our first underwater portrait together!

After enjoying many weeks of surf on the coast of El Salvador, we decided to hop on a plane and fly to Roatan, Honduras. It is a small island about 30 miles from the coast in the Caribbean Sea. Roatan sits on the same barrier reef as Belize, and is one of the world's top scuba diving sights.

We fell in love with Roatan as soon as we arrived. The scenery, both above and below the water, is beautiful and the people were very friendly (They all soke both English and Spanish). The island had that laid back Caribbean feel to it. Lisy took this opportunity to get scuba certified. On the first day of class, I dove 40 feet. The visibility was about 90 feet! It was like being in a giant aquarium. By the last day I dove 60+ feet and Marc was my buddy which made it even more fun. Marc got to satisfy his curiosity about sharks. He did a Shark Dive, where 20+ sharks up to 7 feet long were gorging themselves on baited fish.

The reef was in pristine condition, and much of it is protected. The visibility was more than 100 feet on the best days and the water is a pleasant 81 degrees. We only spent a week on this little slice of paradise, but we would sure like more time. If it only had surf then we would never leave!

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