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All these "vittles" acccompany your meal

Sauteed Grouper over dirty rice topped with a black bean salsa

Sawgrass Shrimp

We got a truly early start this morning and moved to Naples. Each time we pack up it seems to get more organized and faster. We hope this means we're learning, but fear that we may soon discover all we've left behind. This campground/resort is again filled with senior citizens, but all that we've met seem nice. The roads are narrow and the sites tight and as I saw this fear jumped into my heart. With dear Linda directing and me backing, I was sure to sleep outside for a few nights, assuming the marriage survived. As this fear swelled, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a jolly older gentleman from Oregon who said he would relieve Linda from her duties. With his guidance and my backing skill, we slipped this trailer into this tight sight just as smooth as molasses going down a fat man's throat. She now sits as smooth as a bug in a rug.

Then we asked the all important question: Where is there a restaurant that serves good seafood. He told us that there was a little place close by that served good chicken and seafood, but the place didn't look very good from the outside. Key words heard by this Shore boy included chicken, seafood and what I interpreted to mean dive. Off for a late lunch we go. Uh Oh, lunch ends at three, so at 3:30 we get dinner. Wow!!! Almost more than this fat boy could eat, and Linda did bring some of hers home. Great day, you say. Not totally. This place has, as Silas Robertson would say, a piece of junk for an internet service. It has required four hours to get to the point where this journal can be written. Oh well, maybe it will put a smile on your faces, because it sure made my life interesting. I wonder why Lin was at the laundry for three hours.

Tomorrow may be beach, alligators, another restaurant or something that hasn't entered our minds yet. We're retired, and that's how we roll!

The only pics we have for you today are of our dinner. Can't take pics of me saying bad words about the internet.

Big announcement!!!! I have not been in any hospital or med center, nor have I been treated by anyone in the medical profession for one full week.

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