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View of the Cathedral from the Bishop's Garden

Chichester Cathedral

14th century window with glass fromLorraine -1877

Painting by Lambert Barnard

Piper Tapestry

Shrine of one of the bishops

Lady Chapel

The otherside of the Piper Tapestry

Looking up to the alter

Prince Phillip

We are not amused!

The bell tower

Market Cross

After several days of heavy rain and spending time trying to book campgrounds in Belgium and Netherlands which was a bit of a roller coaster we decided we needed to do a bit of tourism.

We had stayed near Chichester just before Christmas but with everything that happened at the time we never visited Chichester town. We rectified that today.

Chichester was an old Roman settlement. Today the town is dominated by the Chichester Cathedral. The Cathedral was begun in 1076 and completed in 1108. Although Norman the cathderal had a modern feel due to many interesting contemporary artifacts. The most impressive was the high alter tapestry which was designed by John Piper and woven in France.

In leaving the cathedral via the new entrance we noticed two interersting gargoyles

- the Queen and Price Phillip.

We then enjoyed walking around the streets radiating out from the Gothic Market Cross a octagonal rotunda built in 1501 to provide shelter for the market traders.

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