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Sunrise from camp

Now, how did these get here

Some of the landscape

More landscape

Joshua tree forest

Mohave Road

Old Kelso Train Depot - in the middle of current Mohave Nat'l...

Station office - appearing as it did then

Just a little history

Cinder cone - on way to lava tube. Yes, this was the...

Thought this old horse corral gate made a good picture

This way folks

I almost tried going in here

Ah, this looks better

Enter at your own risk

Did you remember the flashlight?

Got your hard hat on?

Looking back toward entrance

Kinda neat, really

Light rays after dirt getting stirred up

Further away

More rays. Can you see the smaller one - lower left


Heading back out

Wonder how hot this got

Hole creating smaller sunbeam

And 5 miles back out!

More Joshua's

Ok, explain this!

Another vista

I don't know! I just liked how the two looked together.

Day 24 & 25 (am temp 40.6 and 30)

Mohave Preserve – Continued

Sometimes you just have to circle the wagons to give the wary travelers a rest and get a few things done, so that’s what happened today (7th).


We had some pretty strong winds last night, so when venturing out today, the sky was a bit hazy from the desert getting stirred up a little.

My primary goal today was visiting a lava tube, some 50 miles away. Many of the roads in the preserve are dirt – but passable if not wet, and the visitor center staff assured me I would have no problems with my truck, although there are some spots that are a little washboardy. Well, that was a major understatement! It took longer to drive the 5 MILES of “just a little wash-boardy road” than it did the whole rest of the route! And unless I wanted to make a little 80 mile detour, it had to be done coming back too! Oh well, suck it up!

And by the way, if you don’t like being in a relatively remote area all by yourself, with practically no one else around, then this may not be the place for you. Other than the Kelso Depot Visitor Center, I may have passed only 6 or 8 other vehicles – all day. The drive off the main road to the lava tubes was another 5 miles of narrow dirt road – which was 15 miles from anything to begin with - and I only met 2 vehicles, both as I was leaving.

The lava tube was interesting, and was one of those places that is not maintained, so it really was an “enter at your own risk” sort of place. Compared with other lava tubes, this one was rather short, but the light rays and the feeling one gets of being in a place like that to begin with made for a nice visit.

The night sky was clearer this evening, so could make out 3 moons of Jupiter. Of course, it helped to lay on the picnic table to keep the binocs from shaking.

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