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They say lay down and I say how and where.

No way!

Orion capsule

We think this plant is lovely, but don't know it's name. Help...

An exciting day today when we visited Kennedy Space Center. Amazing and unbelievable are two words that come to mind. What we saw today, we actually lived through. When they talked about Sputnik and Yuri Gagarin we remembered. We also remembered Allen Sheppard's short ride and John Glenn's fearful re-entry. The sad day of Apollo one and so much more.

As we saw the equipment and heard of the issues encountered and people involved and solutions found, amazement is the only word that comes to mind.

We took a ride on a Shuttle simulator and ascended to orbit and 20,000+ mph. That was no smooth ride, but what a thrill. And to take the ride with a bunch of school kids added something to the journey, but we have no idea what to call it. God bless all teachers!

Have decided to stay here one more day and do absolutely nothing. That's the right of old people.

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