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One of the many floating restaurants

Made it!

Jungle trekkers alert! (Jen, Emelda and Adrian)

One of the safe bridges!

The Jungle!

The boat to the canopy walk

Emelda, Tiphaine, Jen, Me, Adrian

A view from the Canopy Walk

Jen on one of the canopy walkways

Jen tackling the DEATH bridge! Scary or what!!!!!!!!

A big milipede! (It really tickles your skin!)

The thick of the jungle

Jungle trekkers

One of the many obstacles we had to tackle (a fallen tree!)

The wild scorpion! eeeeeeeeek!

Adrain doing a Tarzan!

Us at the base of a big tree trunk

Inside the "Bat Cave"

Climbing down out of the Bat Cave

After dinner in our cave for the night (that's Man in the...

Trekkers loaded and ready for Day 2!

Crossing a semi-dodgy bridge

Lunch stop on Day 2

Man cooking our veg, before the pot fell over!

How the jungle villagers live

Me blowing the blow pipe

We headed on to the jungle, to Taman Negara, with a guy Adrian, who we met at our hostel. It was a long day but we met lots of people on our journey!

We arrived in the evening and checked into a hostel with Adrian and the 2 other girls we'd met, Emelda and Tiphaine, checked into another room. We all went out for dinner on a floating restaurant that night (after hearing about the London bombs and checking on the internet that everyone we knew was ok). After dinner we watched the rubbish film about surfers (Blue Crush) and then went to bed to prepare for our trekking the following day.....

The 4 of us (not Tiphaine) went for a 5km trek on our own to a view point called Bukit Teresek. It was SO hot and we were so disgustingly sweaty!! We tucked our socks into our walking shoes (very attractive) to try and avoid the leeches getting in!

We arrived back at 4pm and rewarded ourselves with freezing cold showers and dinner.

The next 2 days were our proper full-on trekking with a guide! We had a real good laugh, avoiding the leeches and I can honestly say that by the end of it I have never stank that much in my life! It was so humid! Very hard work.

Before the trek started we did the canopy walk, which was cool, walking amongst the tree tops.

The start of the trek was the scariest, where we had to cross this bridge that had basically collapsed, by balancing and walking like a tight rope over a plank of wood, with quite a drop beneath us and our VERY heavy bags on our backs. I was SO scared (the most scared i've been on the whole trip!). I really didn't think i would do it, but got there in the end with VERY shaky legs!

Our guide, Man, cooked us a lunch of veg and 2 minute noodles, by the side of a river, while we picked leeches off our shoes!

After lunch we saw a scorpion and went into a cave full of thousands of bats and the floor was covered in beetles (very Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom style!!)

That night we slept in a huge cave, which was cool, and very echoey!! Before dinner we had the funniest "communal wash" in the river. Luckily it was dark so nobody saw much!! It was so refreshing and SO needed as aparantly if we didn't wash then our dry sweat would attract all the ants at night - NICE!

After a surprisingly good night's sleep on the cave floor, and a yummy peanut butter and jam on toast breakkie, we set off walking again. There were more leeches out as it had poured with rain all night, but somehow it was a miracle that none of us, except the guide, got any attached to us! (Man liked getting leeches on him as he said it was like blood transfusion which is good for you as it means your body makes new red blood cells!).

At the end of the trek we went to a jungle tribe to see them make their own fire and to have a go at shooting a blow-pipe at a target (what they use to kill monkeys for food).

Back at the hostel we lined up to take a shower. I was second to last to go, and it was torture having to wait around smelling so bad and there was nothing i cold do about it! I even went and bought a sponge so I could be extra clean as we felt THAT minging!!

Sparkling, after our showers, we all went for a well deserved dinner and an early night!!

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