Lidia & Allen 2013 Guatemala travel blog

Jocotenango church

Peace (Piece ?) for Sale

La Merced Eglesia

18th century courtyard fountain

Fish Pond Fountain

Are you talkin' to us ?

We're not talkin'

17th century cooking hearths

Artwork hangin' around

Talk about a High Chair !

Our hostel

Hostel courtyard, actually quite peaceful

Decided to spend our last few days in Guatemala revisiting the Rip Van Winkle city of Antigua. When the Spanish gave up rebuilding Antigua in 1773, after yet another devastating earthquake (three in 65 years). The devastated town was abandoned and left to the locals for close to 200 years. Ruined buildings and those not so ruined were left as they were. All the streets remain cobblestoned. There is a relaxed atmosphere that pervades the way of life. Your voice bears the brunt of being in this place as EVERYONE you pass on the streets says Buenos Dias, Buenos Tardes, or Buenos Noches, as the time of day dictates. UNESCO has designated Antigua a World Heritage site. Very enjoyable way to take our leave of Guatemala. One of the friendliest countries I've visited in the world. Only the capital city, Guatemala City, did not have that pervading friendly atmosphere - maybe just too many people.

We are off to Mexico City for few days to visit with friends Chelo, Rosario & Gustavo, and Miryam & Harry. Guatemala was a pleasure filled with many wonderful, sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and people.

Hasta Luego

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