Bonnie and Ed's South America and Antarctica Trip - Winter 2013 travel blog

Well, it’s finally here, what we’ve been waiting for ever since we boarded: Superbowl Sunday!

Seriously, there are a lot of people on this ship that are really keyed up about the game this evening. We are not among them. Today at about 4:00 PM we began to see the first drifting icebergs and chunk ice. We have spent most of the day listening to the Exploration Speakers telling us about the history of Antarctica, the marine life, the geology, the beauty, and all the wonderful things we came here to experience. You might think that this is not the best idea since the speakers were in the ship’s auditorium and the wonders are all outside, but it has been very foggy all day with only several hundred feet visibility – thank heaven for Radar…

The fog is just now beginning to lift and we are able to see about two miles. So the whale watching and other signs of life begin.

Last evening, around 10:00 PM we rounded Cape Horn and that’s when we discovered exactly what they meant since they had been telling us that “…it might get a little pitchy out there…” We rocked and rolled most of the night but this morning everything seemed to calm down. We had crossed the Antarctic Convergence. This is where the southern Atlantic, southern Pacific and southern Indian Oceans merge to form the Southern or Antarctic Ocean. The water temperature and the air temperature dropped ten degrees Celsius (about 18 degrees Fahrenheit) in the space of about 15 minutes. It went from about 10 degrees Celsius down to about 1 degree Celsius.

Tomorrow morning we continue our journey deeper into the Antarctic Ocean and will make a stop at Palmer Station to drop off some researchers from Duke University. They joined us in Ushuaia and in return for a few lectures they get to finish their trip on our ship. Stay tuned for what we hope will be an exciting report of whale sightings, seal sightings and more penguins.

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