Lidia & Allen 2013 Guatemala travel blog

Volcano views on drive to Pacific Coast

Boating thru the mangrove inlets

Mangroves up close

Whacking harvested sponges clean

Tilapacita boat docks; aka 'mud slips'

Bagged banana plantation

Bananas to market

Hand painted but still truck´n

Josh picked us up at 06:00 for the 2 1/2 hour drive down from the western highland mountains to the Pacific coast town of Tilapa. It is in the southwest corner of Guatemala very close to the Mexico border. Actually, we're going to the little oceanside island town of Tilapacita where we board a long narrow outboard motor lancha for transport thru the mangrove groves. There´ll be Josh, Lidia, the capitan and me. Even by 09:00 the morning sun is considerably hotter than our last couple weeks in the western mountain highlands. Hence our primary request to the lancha capitan is to stick to the shady side of the waterways, which he obligingly does so. Lots of birds to be seen, ranging from herons & pelicans, to kingfishers & fish hawks, to hundreds of smaller shore birds like plovers and curlews. The one very disturbing sight is a Great Blue Heron with a broken leg struggling in the mangroves. Seems the local boys practice/prove their slingshot expertise by rendering large birds crippled. As the herons are unfit to eat they are just left to struggle and die. On a more postive note - had a delicious freshly grilled whole fish lunch before returning to Xela. The 30 mile wide flatlands between the ocean and the rise of the mountains are filled with planations of rubber trees, bananas, palm nut trees, coconuts, mangos, and many others. Then the views of the volcano dominated mountains exploding up from the Pacific coast as we return to the highlands were quite a sight around every corner of the winding ascending road. Tomorrow we´ll return to Antigua for a few laid back days in the pleasantly cool highlands air before our flight to Mexico City where we´ll spend a few more days.

Hasta Luego

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