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Oh well our final day in Hong Kong and we have had a brilliant time so far. So we are off to see the Buddha (which is how we will be known if we keep eating these huge breakfasts). This time the 360 degree cable car was open and we joined the endless queue. We both decided that we would not like to sit in a glass bottom cable car so were transferred to the shorter queue. The cable car took about 30 minutes to get to the top and we passed over the water and alongside the airport and over many hills. This is a popular site to visit and consequently there was a Subway fast food unit to give sustenance to the disciples! By the time we got to the top of the steps to the Buddha the only thing that Jan wanted though was oxygen! Wow there were a lot of steps. Even a trainee monk thought he would give the steps a miss. A beautiful site though once you got your breath back. Jan fair skipped all the way back down with relief. I was probably more relieved as I did not have to carry her down.

I don't know whether it is because Janet is a country bumpkin that the Hong Kong cab drivers etc couldn't understand us but we had some difficultly getting back down to catch the ferry back to the hotel. Eventually we found the correct one and the driver took us leisurely down a precipice road to the port, where again we had to run for the ferry. A Fast Cat over the water took about 35 minutes and, as time was running out and we had a plane to catch we decided to jump into a taxi after I had bought an iPad. He he. I just have to work out how to use it now. We stood outside waiting patiently for a taxiI but no one would take us. One driver who obviously did not want to go to the area of the hotel nearly crashed his taxi as he sped away!

So now as MTR and subway experts we hopped back on a tube and made it back to the hotel with 30 minutes to spare. Phew! One cup of coffee later we were on our way to the airport to go to New Zealand. No one famous on board this time but we were looked after by the happy team on the Air New Zealand flight. In fact the steward was so helpful that he allowed us to spread out and take any available seat that we wanted. Apparently there were lots of seats available as the flights from London had been delayed because of snow - imagine that! What the steward forgot to mention was that the previous passengers had been sick on a couple of the seats and they now suspected that they were suffering from the Novo virus. We had to give our address just in case we were sick too. The helpful steward did say that if we wanted to we could visit him for a drink after landing. Janet said she would come for nothing less than a dinner, so he agreed to fire up the barbecue.

Apart from that the flight was not a good one and was bumpy most of the way over. Ugh.

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