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We arrived in Bundaberg slightly burry eyed as a 13 hour journey on a Greyhound bus is just not cool! However I managed to sleep fairly well but Bex said she only got an hour here and there. Bex was so excited as I had looked up the motel the day before and it said there was a 82 inch TV in the room. We were going to watch so many films but then when we arrived I may have got the measurements slightly wrong and it was centimetres, you should of seen the look on Bex’s face.

Bundaberg only really has one thing going for it which is the Rum Distillery, which is exactly where we were heading under strict instructions from our Cousins, Kat and Loz! Who weirdly both aren’t drinking at the moment – however due to great reasons; being Pregnant and doing a Dry-a-thon for charity until the bubba arrives! You know it must be good reasons for this to happen hehe!

We got to our accommodation which was Sun City Motel, it was run but the cutest couple Glenn and Michelle. They showed us to our room which was amazing a double and single bed with tea and coffee and our 82cm TV (not 82 inches!!) They insisted they took us to the rum factory so we didn’t have to pay for a cab which was so kind.

When we got to the factory we went through an interactive section, this consisted of smelling the different types of rum. Bexs face said it all, they were so strong but the smells were nothing compared to walking around the factory.

Our tour was weirdly full up of loads of little kids, the parents obviously wanted to come and decided it would be a good idea to bring the kids. The fumes from the Rum were so much as they make their rum at 78% to start off so you are not allowed anything battery operated incase it sparks. The tour was interesting and made better by the two free drinks you got at the end and these weren’t small size either! After the tour we took a quick cab ride into the centre of town to see what else Bundaberg had to offer. After realising there wasn’t anything else we decided to grab some dinner, not being too hungry we chose a salad and a side order of wedges. However when everything came up the wedges turned out to be the biggest portion of wedges in existence. There would have been enough for 8 people let alone just us two – we still managed to finish them though haha fattys!!

After the dinner we headed back to the Sun City Motel although we walked for about 30mins in the heat and wrong direction which we only knew because we started to be able to smell the rum vapours from the rum distillery! – this was Rebeccas fault but she insisted this was right way until we smelt the rum again, being the rum experts we are now!

When we finally got back our private room with no bunkbeds and air con was a godsend. We were both shattered from the gruelling coach journey so watched Modern Family for a bit but ended up falling asleep early and having the best nights sleep for a very long time.

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