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The road was very rough and under repair. Cows were walking along the sides of the road. There was a lot of bamboo growing. There was more agriculture and people as we left the hills behind. We saw lots of 2-wheeled tractors pulling carts of produce and people. As we entered the suburbs of Vientiane, there was lots of traffic. Vientiane means Citadel of the Moon or Citadel of the Fragrant trees. It is the capital of Laos. We saw a number of car and truck dealerships. When we got settled into our hotel we went out for Pizza and beer! We walked down to the Mekong river. This area has very fertile alluvial plains. The waterfront was fixed up and there was a pedestrian walkway. People were running, walking or cycling for exercise. It was very pedestrian friendly. There was a night market with hundreds of stalls. The place was buzzing with people and it was all lit up. We saw 2 very large groups of people exercising with an instructor on a platform and microphone. We sat on the steps to the river and watched the sun set. It was so beautiful. We found peanut butter and crackers in a small store to snack on. We stayed in for the evening since Paul was not feeling well.

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