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Our Bus trip is only about 350 km but it took us 7 hours due to steep and winding roads through the Laos mountain ranges. Beautiful limestone cliffs along the way. A common sight was grasses drying at the side of the road that one day will make brooms. Children were seen carrying firewood on their backs. The hydro poles here are cement probably due to termites. The soil is very red and is used to make bricks for the local homes. Sometimes the road would be at the top of the mountain and you could see down either side of the mountain. So many beautiful valleys. It was a hazy day, so it was hard to see some of the mountains. At times their tops would be hidden in the clouds. Tall bushes of poinsettias could be seen at the side of the road in bloom. Also, small little gardens were growing in the ditches since the soil was moist. At one point, there must have been a mudslide across the road since lots of red soil was bulldozed to the sides. The road was rough where ever there was a small waterfall. We arrived at our homestay in the Naduang Village just outside Vang Vieng. There was a pond filled with water buffalo which is eaten here. We got settled in our house. The floors were ceramic. You took your shoes off before entering the home. Our bedroom had 2 beds with a fan. There was a toilet. The water did not always run so we scooped water for the toilet. Paul and I walked to the Kaeng Yui waterfall. It took us 45 min. Since it was the dry season, the falls did not have much water. We had dinner under the stars. It is dark by 6pm. Then we got Lao dancing lessons before we went off to bed. The evenings are cool in the mountains. We slept with comforters. The beds were hard as usual.

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