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Cycling around

Usual sight to see in every town

Crops down on the shores of the Mekong River

Their president

Small bar outside town

The Wat Chomsi on the top of Phousi hill

Many big colonial style homes

One of many temples

View from the top of Phousi Mountain

Watching the sunset from Phousi Mountain

Indian restaurant

Bridge we had to cross

Climbed 300 steps to the top of Phousi mountain

Different Buddha images for each day of the week






We were up at 5 and off to the Main Street. We purchased food to give to the monks. I had a basket of sticky rice that I made into small balls and placed into different monk's metal bowls. I also passed out bananas and biscuits. I sat on a mat and made sure my feet did not point at a monk. While placing the food in their bowls I had to be really careful not to touch them since I am a woman. The monks walked in single file, with bare feet and wore bright orange robes. Along the street, a temple boy held a big plastic bag where the monks emptied their bowls when they were full. The boy then sorted the food since it was all mixed together. When we returned to our hotel we had a very early breakfast and Paul went to sleep while I caught up on my blog. Later that morning we rented bikes and bicycled around Luang Prabang. We rode to the Nam Khan river where there was a nice park to sit in and look out on the river. It was so peaceful. This area did not have as much traffic. Along the way we also saw beautiful colonial homes being fixed up with the big balconies. We had a great lunch at a small Indian Restaurant. We also crossed the river using a narrow wooden bridge that only bikes and motor bikes could go on. We stopped at a small road side restaurant out in the country and enjoyed a warm beer. We returned to the hotel after being out for 4 hours. We walked to the top of Mount Phousi which is in the centre of the town. At the top is the Wat Chomsi, a gold-spired stuppa built in 1804. We climbed 300 steps to the top. A long the way there were the different Buddhas for the days of the week. We watched the sun set and then had dinner.`

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