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Pyramid Rock

Chatham Island Albatross over Pyramid Island

Chatham Island Albatross

Kate Takes a Fall Getting into the Zodiac

The Spirit of Enderby Lists in the Big Swells

The Surf if Rough Near the Island, as we Search for the...

Shore Plover on South East Island

Another Shore Plover

Mabel and Bill on deck

Meghan and Adam

Jack and Mariah from Vancouver, Washington

We Go To The Bow of the Ship to See the Mangere...

Cruising Closer to the Mangere Islands

Mangere Island

Albatross Comes in for a Closer Look

The morning started with an announcement that awakened us, that we had arrived at Pyramid Rock (Island). Pyramid Island is the primary nesting site for the Chatham Island Albatross. Adam was in the back of the ship, chumming, which brought the Albatross out. There were thousands of albatross in the sky, on the island and on the water.

After passing the island, we continued to South East Island. The put in and take out on the Zodiacs were tenuous due to the big swells. One passenger turned her knee and one passenger fell into the water when the Zodiac was lifted up by the gangway (everybody survived). Before we loaded our Zodiac, Mabel crossed herself, which we found out later, caused several people in line, behind us to change their mind about going. We scoured the shoreline for the Shore Plover. We saw at least 8 birds, male and female.

After we all returned to the boat safely, we sailed away from the Chathams past Mangere and Little Mangere Islands, home to the endangered Black Robin. In the 1970s, there were only six birds in the Black Robin population. They is now a stable population on the islands. The sea was way too rough near the islands, so the Zodiac cruises were out of the question. (Especially after the wild time, we had in the morning!)

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