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Entering Costa Maya

On shore we were greeted by Mexican dancers

Entering Kohunlich Mayan Ruins




Susan at Kohunlich

Mask at the Temple of the Masks

Cleaning algae off the masks from a wet season

The ball court

At Costa Maya we took a bus tour to Kohunlich which are Mayan Ruins. It was a long day as the bus ride was rather long. We had a great guide. He was Mayan and I could understand him very well. We could not have asked for a better guide. One of the nice things about touring Kohunlich was that we were the only people at the ruins other than workers doing restoration work. When the Mayan were there this was a huge city about 20 miles by 20 miles. Now it is just a few hundred acres, all the rest is under the jungle. The thing that made these ruins stand out as special was the 5 foot tall masks (stone carvings). I think there are like 10 of them, but we could only see 4. Many of the masks were stolen when the site was first found. You can still see the color from paint on the masks. This site had palm trees and the nuts are this tree are extremely hard. Susan bought a necklace made from one of the nuts, and it was carved into a Mayan head. She also bought some jewelry from out guide, a nice silver Mayan calendar for a necklace. She wanted it bad and even agreed it would be her Christmas present. We had a great time on this tour.

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