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Halle playing basketball

Celebrating Christian's birthday

Halle learning to make lefse

Kim making lefse

Halle, Nicole and Elizabeth at the Sheraton to see the Gingerbread Houses

Mike getting his Gag gift on Christmas Eve

Stephanie getting her Gag gift on Christmas Eve

Christmas Morning with Jonathan, Nicole, Halle, Christian, Mike and Mia

The Gingerbread Contest on Christmas Day

Treking through Arizona and the high desert of California, we arrived at Uncle Harry's in Fresno on December 11th for a short visit before flying home to Seattle on December 14th to spend Christmas with our family. Ordinarily we wouldn't have gone that early but it was our one chance to see our youngest granddaughter, Halle play basketball and we sure weren't disappointed! She played an awesome game and it was one of the highlights of our trip. Getting to spend time with the kids and grandkids is the best and always too short but my stepdad always used to say..."After 3 days...company and fish begin to smell the same!" It was a busy time and we did lots of fun things from going to see the Gingerbread Houses at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Seattle and the Wild Lights at the Woodland Park Zoo to making cookies and teaching our youngest granddaughter how to make lefse and rosettes, having our traditional lutefisk, lefse and swedish meat ball dinner (minus the lutefisk...ICK) hosted by Kim and Elizabeth where we had spent the day making lefse, to celebrating our grandson's 10th birthday, having lunch with the oldest granddaughter and game night with our second granddaughter. Sadly spending Christmas Eve for the first time without Kim and his family, we had a fun evening enjoying the yummy Mexican Feast at Stephanie and Mike's. Then it was on to midnight services at Nicole and Jonathan's church which was absolutely beautiful. Up early the next morning for Santa, then helping Nicole and Jonathan get ready for a beautiful Christmas Dinner with Ham, Turkey and all the trimmings, ending with one of Nicole's famous cheesecakes for dessert and the afternoon spent of creating the best gingerbread houses with graham crackers and lots of fun treats. Kim and I still think we got robbed of the "Best" as we made a motor home. Such a fun afternoon. Then it was up early the next morning to get packed and head for Sea-Tac to fly back to Fresno (to rest)!!! In the midst of all this, my computer was acting up and Kim and Jonathan decided I needed a new one (mine was 7-8 years old), so they had to get the new one and transfer everything to the new computer. Frustrating to say the least, I'm still learning how to use it but thanks to the boys, I'm up and running. And Jonathan had time somewhere in all that to make an awesome video of several of our products which we'll run in our booth. He did an amazing job and we can't wait to set it up. Back in Fresno for a few days, we had a wonderful time visiting with Uncle Harry, cousins Flora, Martha, Lynette, Donald, Douglas and their families. Lots of good food, fun and visiting as well as Mike fixing Uncle Harry's patio roof rounded out the Fresno visit. Needing to be in Indio, CA for our first rally of the year, we sadly said our goodbyes, pointed the motor home south on a beautiful clear day which the valley doesn't get a lot of this time of year, we were thankful it was not a foggy day to make our trip a stressful one. We've landed in one of our favorite RV Parks for a few days just 60 miles from Indio to get ready for the rally. I always used to say to my kids "If you play...you gotta pay," and boy are we paying! There is nothing like spending the holidays with family and we were so blessed to have this time with all of them. Ringing in the New Year meant going to bed early to catch up on our sleep, something we would never have even considered when we were in our 20's! Oh "those Golden Years" are so golden!

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