Finding Cheryl 2012 travel blog

Pre dawn

Sun over Temple III

Full view


Me near the Lost World Pyramid

Temple V

Temple I

Back of Temple I

Unescavated pyramid

Wow, wow and more wow. I have no other way of describig the amazing experience of sitting high on Temple IV at Tikal and watching the sun rise directly over Temple III. It was worth getting up at 4.30am just to see it.

As the sun rose more, we watched the jungle come alive and even spotted tucans.

The Tikal complex can only be decribed as expansive and was the main reason I was on this trip. And I can gladly say that it didn't disappoint.

I can't put it into words and the pictures say a bit but doesn't capture it all. Let's just say it took a good two hours to hit the highlights alone without exploring further.

There are also a number of unescavated pyramids thoughout the complex that have been left that way purposefully either due to possible structural issues or the need to keep them constantly maintained if uncovered.

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