Winter in Europe 2012 travel blog

Hotel Up Halven Weg

De-icing the car on a frosty morning

The girls outside Brooke's host house

Entering Netherlands at 110kph

The girls before shopping

Open spaces in Enschede

Netherlands - Land of Bikes

Zoe's lunch

The girls after shopping

Streets of Enschede

Enschede Radhaas

Highway driving

Freyenberg Strasse, Neuenkirchen

After our usual start and breakfast, we checked out of hotel ‘Up Halven Weg’ (essentially ‘Half Way’) and drove to pick up the girls at 9.30am. Over a coffee we checked email and planned our day. We would drive some 45km to the town of Enschede, just across the Dutch border. This would allow both Brooke and Evania to add another country to their ‘been there’ list, and would also allow the girls some more shopping. Our trusty GPS took us to the centre of town where we found a parking building with ease. We basically exited to find ourselves in the centre of a large shopping complex – the wide open space was something of a shock after our recent experiences in Munich and Munster, and the shopping was both modern and reasonable. We wandered for an hour or so, often dodging bicycles (which, of course, are very popular in the Netherlands) while we all checked out clothing and shoes. At about 12.30pm we stopped for lunch – coffee and Panini for most of us, but Zoë had to try the spaghetti ice-cream (see photo). We made our way back to the car via a few more shops, and left Enschede as planned at about 1.00pm.

We were back in Neuenkirchen by 1.45pm and were straight into loading the car with Zoë and Evania’s bags. We bid farewell to our hosts and Brooke, thanking them profusely for their overwhelming hospitality, and started our trek back to Frankfurt. After a couple of brief stops at autohof’s en-route, we arrived at our airport hotel at 5.30pm.

After checking in and unpacking, we met again in the lobby to make use of the free wireless internet access (not available in the rooms) and to snack on pizza from the bar. Zoë stayed a little longer to Skype with Josh, but we all settled in for a fairly early night in anticipation of the very early start – Evania had to report for her departure to the UK at 5.30am!

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