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So for Christmas, I went to a village 4 hours away from Xela to spend it with the family of the mother. This is where the fun begins. Monday after class, we rushed to catch the last buses going to Por venir. Keep in mind, it was a combination of 4 buses. I cant explain how crowded the buses were enough. we had 3 ppl in each seat, lines of people standing and even a couple people hanging on the doors...lol. Its sucked but it was all worth it given that when we arrived at the village, i was revered like a village champion. Everyone looked, smiled and tried to talk to me...lol. I felt like Lebrun James without the money, ring and skill....lol. For Navidad, we had a thanksgiving style christmas dinner but with a whole chicken and rice. I ate a lot of panche(tamales) while in the village because here in Guatemala, it is the Christmas food.

Here is where is gets interesting. During the Day and half that i was there, the brother of the mother whom i just met was drunk the entire time and he legit bothered every one. Screaming, cursing, and acting like a loco. Its hard to understand a drunk person speaking English but its impossible to comprehend a drunk Spanish speaking person. I kept trying to avoid him but there was nooooo way to get rid of him except when Chloe and pops called me (Thank God). After the night of Christmas, we had to wake up at 3:30 am the next day so we could catch the first buses back to Xela in order to make it in time for school.

Waking up was the easy part. We rode the first bus which was supposed to be a direct bus to the main terminal in San Marcos but a quarter of the way there and the driver decided to not continue so we had to get out and wait on the side of the road. He said another bus would be there in 20 min. 2 hours later, still waiting on the side of the road, an over loaded bus slowly climbed up the hill and people run like hell for it. So did i because i wanted to be in class on time. Only 4 people got in it including the fam and i. But by getting on it, i meant i hung on the bar on the door with one foot out in the air and both hands gripping a bar outside. I stayed in this position for an hour and a half as we climbed up and down hills and went round curves. We also bribed 2 police officers so we could pass over crowed. At a point with in that hour, i looked out to what could have easily have been my death. We whipped around a curve with no guard rail and as i looked down, i saw a steep change in elevation that looked to be a perfect spot to base jump off. My hand at this point very tired, but thankfully, I got a spike of adrenaline and i remained in place....hahahha.

My safety experience in central America.!!!! Oh, the family wants to return again for the new year........Id love to be a village champ again but i dont think im interested in the stress of getting there and back again....lol

La vida de Guatemantecas.

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