Andrew & Angelica - Thailand 2012 travel blog

On ferry to Koh Phangnan

At Haad Salad Villas

We were off the train before 8am and on to a coach for the 1 hour ride to Don Sak from where the ferries go to the islands in the Gulf of Thailand on the east coast. 2.5 hours later we were on the island of Koh Phangan and needed a taxi or a tuk tuk to take us to the Haad Salad Villas but this was where our luck ran out. At the ferry docking point the only transport in site were 3 moped owners who gallantly if not dangerously said they would transport us and our luggage the 20km or so to our beach side accommodation for 150 baht each (just over £3) Well! You should see the size and feel the weight of our luggage! The idea was that our big bag which Angelica and I share which I sometimes carry on my back would go between the driver and the handlebars. We tried it and it really was a joke to say they could take us. He couldn't have steered as there was no room to turn the handlebars! In the end we declined and went off in search of a taxi. Here they have pickup trucks with seats in the back and we found one who said he would take us for 200 baht each. Not unreasonable in view of the moped riders demands so we accepted. He took us off a short way to where other boats arrive and unfortunately for us there was no one wanting to go our way so he immediately upped the price to 1000 baht. There was no prospect of anyone joining us the share the journey so we were forced to accept as we were desperate to get to our villa, have a drink and get into the sea! So the rip offs continue. They will milk the tourist when they see an opportunity and if I had been a bit more pig headed I would have got us out of his truck there and then but we just wanted to get there and he probably sensed this.

Anyhow, he drove at break-neck speed and here we are in our little hut, well it is more of a room, virtually on the beach. We have about 20 metres between us and the gorgeous warm waters of the Salad Bay. Here we are staying for the next 5 nights to unwind after our hectic journeying around South East Asia.

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