Lindsays not wanting to work 2012 travel blog

row row my boat


river side flats

from the Roman times

2 different churchs

river travet

some one on a houres

not a good photo

Taking out of cable car window old roman road

main old town Koblenze

old walls




Ehrenbreitstein fortress


early cross bow

Dii's new buss drivers protection

model with mirrow on floor to show roof




old pistels

I understand this one

old grape cusser

grape press




old still

eary storage vessels

purnning gear






looking castel wall




its that bloody man on a hourse again




got lost fround these 1



looking thur port hole


Photo display i remenber these days in the 70s



Ilove these photo's old age




Old houses on walk home











will it fit in your back yard






i step in its shit had to use toilet buch to get...

boof they have their own presentation wooden boxs

for a nonbelivier another bloody church










dii in 2nd hand shop

The fast train to Koblenz was bit of a insight to the German mide when i book the ticket it was highly recommended to pay the 4 euros to reserve a seat which i did as it was a 6 hour trip. Just as well i did their was 640 seats 620 of these where reserved but they sold 700 tickets so people get on and off and the people sitting in what was a free seat now find then self having to give it up as it is now become a reserved seat what a mess. My 2nd person next to me was a bitch with a dog which keep tying to bite me i graped hold of the bog and told the woman that i would break its f.....g neck if it come near me again, it wasn't good for the few hours when i got of she was asleep so put my backside in her face and farted. In Germany the dogs are taking ever where they have then sitting at the tables with then in restaurants i find this totally offence after all dog is dog not a kid. Koblenez is in the middle of the main wine area on the Rhine river but by local law their are no tours until after the christmas markets close so i have to hit the feet poor old body. my next boat has been delayed again now on the 31st so i an going back to Hamburg.

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