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This is a tough part of the year for me. Three years ago Tom's stroke happened in the month of September but he did so well recovering that until things became really nasty around Thanksgiving of that year we were filled with hope that all would be well. Today, December 12th, will always stick in my mind as the day after "the trip from hell" (our flight from South Dakota to Texas). On our first day home I cooked one of Tom's favorite meals for dinner. Some people think I should be "over it" by now - "time to move on." But certain dates trigger memories of the ordeal my very courageous husband went through. It has nothing to do with "moving on " or me being happy - it has everything to do with me remembering the strength and fight that Tom had while facing a difficult challenge - a far more difficult challenge than I have facing life on my own.

On this December 12th , as I sat eating pizza while listening to the incredibly talented organist play the Wurlitzer at the Organ Stop Pizza restaurant , I reminded myself that it is okay to remember those special dates- those special events - because they happened to a very special person.

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