Lindsays not wanting to work 2012 travel blog

luterbach has flotting bachers

can you see nz allowing this


another tyy




yes,,yes the sun did come out

old east grnmamy farm trailer

dinning room paintings


boat in trees

refetion in mirrow in bed room i think its great

from new roon in luamn

art or is it

above my bed





light house

from terace






Well this trip is becoming more like day in the T.V show of the last of the summer wine I get a email the other night,I an 500 ks from Hamburg saying that the shipping line had for gotten about me and could i get to the boat by 4pm that day,I said that noway could i get their so the out come of this is that i now leave on christmas day and they have upgraded me to the owner suit that normally cost 5000 euros more for this trip. As i now have to fill in another 10+ days i an going to spend that time down in the Rhine river valley. AS you may have gathered i have moved to Lohme the other side of Ruegen Island the hotel here belongs to a lady artist who paints a lot but does not sell then gives the away to guests and runs workshops for people who needs a outlet for their emotions an i safe

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