Lindsays not wanting to work 2012 travel blog

Fogy mormning in Lauterbach


can you see the swangs

i will out live you all

my room is the very top right hand corner

bike maded of canes


womans bus drivers day out haha

old houses while out walking,ture i was walking



As i had more than 2 weeks to wait for the next boat and i could not afford to stay in Hamburg for this time so i found 2 places 1 week in each at the opposite ends of Ru gen island which is in the old eastern Germany in the Baltic sea best know for its nude beaches,but being me it is middle of winter. You should all know me well//// I can not be late i even go to the dentist early,so i buy my train ticket 2 days before hand the train leaves on platform 12 at 11.17 i an their at 10.45 waiting i wait and keep on waiting and their is 2 old men Finland (at lest 67) we keep on saying to each other the Germany railways are all ways meant to be on time,after a hour(you are now all thinking of that old English TV show the last of the summer wine) to the information and where told that it left on time on platform 11 Germany logit platform 11 and 12 are the same no wonder that they lost the war. It is the of season at Lauterbach and for 30 euros a night A very large room and a free breakfast smoke salmon for breakfast and they also have the only 5 star restaurateur on the island,the chef use to be the head chef at Logan Browns in wellington boy an i eating like a king dishes like we only see on european cooking shows i have to pay 26 euros a night for a 4 course dinner.

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