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sunset in English chanel by Brighton

my mother was born in Brighton

mother &father where mraided their end of ww2

Well once again we where 8 hrs. late leaving searsport it's a port that handles a lot of break bulk cargo and one of the heavy lifts had uneven lift points when it was loaded in Japan they used their own slings,under international labour law all loading and unloading is done by local dock workers with their own slings.all the time i have watched i have wonder while they have been using wire and not chain whit chain they would have had it of straight away as you can adjust the length of the chain.the good news was that at Atwent and Hamburg they where using chains. AS we left late once again we where running just in front of a storm we only had lumpy seas for 5 days 2-4 mt waves when we got to the English Chanel it was a beautiful day with the seas where like a mill pond as you can tell from the sunset photos.This was the storm that has caused all of the flooding in the U.K By the time we got to the Hook of Holland we where in thick fog and could only able to see a few ft, yes you pass Thur part of Holland to get to Antwerp. Rickmers shipping argent in Antwerp has to be the biggest rip of artist i have Evey knowing the lying bastard said that i had to have visa and they will have to take me to immigration and would have take me back to get a leaving stamp the place was 7 ks away cost 184 euros or $320 i found out at the seamen's mission that as i was leaving on the same i did not need a visa.

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