Lindsays not wanting to work 2012 travel blog

little wave beauforlscale 12

8-10 meters waves



spay on the bridge windows over 80 up

nerly got my timing right

over the bow

let me out i have had enother of this weather

always amad man 2 days after storm

munny it hurt this is the best one

anothere church


i know another truck but it is big



the reason we got trossed around light load

dosn't cut toe nails

unit 200 ft long whaiges 100 ton to carry load of 120...








Searsport Hospitel

the next photos are out of taxi windows
















As you know we left Philadelphia over 36 hours late and that put us into the perfect North Atlantic storm for 36 hours we were in 7-10 mt waves whit the the wind never going below 80 mph and gusting up to 150 mph,with 66 per cent power on the boat was just able to maintain steerage,in fact we where going backwards.When these boats leave the USA they are their ' lightly loaded that was the main reason that the storm tossed us around like a ping pong ball going down the toilet. The next day the wind had dyed down and only about 1-2 mt waves i sitting play games on the computer when the boat was hit by 3 monster waves and i was tossed 20 ft. back wards forwards 3 times this was the most tense and terrifying moment in my live if the Christchurch earthquakes where 7.2 this would have to rate 10 on the richter scale i have carpet burns on both hips and legs and the skin total removed of the left elbow and busies everywhere, Sears port is just south of canadian boarder and is a 0one boat port mail used for tar coal and salt used on the roads in the winter well i an going now as i need sleep

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