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Quite a workout in exercise class today - worked the arms with weights and did step aerobics. I was lucky I could still walk to Spanish class afterwards. Speaking of Spanish class - the teacher is taking it very slow - a bit too slow to suit me but then again reinforcement of the basics is probably a good thing.

What I wanted to do after class was come home and collapse into bed like yesterday but I had to start packing for my trip to Detroit tomorrow. Shortly after I got home, MJ called and invited me for lunch - a delicious beef barley soup that John had just made. Never one to miss a chance to play cards, I was delighted when MJ suggested that we practice euchre again. After a couple of games we switched to cribbage - a game I haven't played since my early years of marriage. Tom's uncle had made a board and Tom taught me the game. For some reason we didn't play frequently so it was like starting from the beginning today.

Finally it was time to come home and pack. I have arranged for a shuttle service to the airport with a 5am pickup so I had better get to sleep.

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