world trip 2012 travel blog

my plane from Denver to Durango

mountains of Colorado




my bags at home each one weighing in at almost 50 pounds

magnets from second trip




I got into Durango airport at 11:00 am on the 12th of Nov with both my checked bags, during the entire adventure a traveling almost 7 months and flying to many airports I did not have a single time when my luggage was not there, I was on somewhere around 45 different flights, wow. Found my car in the parking lot drop off by my friend Juan (thank you) loaded the bags and off to Durango for some lunch and pick up a few groceries, Headed home where my two dogs came running up to me saying just where the hell have you been this time, Lol and my old horse came from the corral with the say commit. Everything in good order again thanks to Juan and Joe who have looked after my place and my animals while I have traveling around the world. In the next few days I will be putting together some numbers like the total miles traveled by plane, train, ferries, buses,cars, a list of the countries, etc, so if you like this type stuff stay tuned. A big thanks to all who have traveled with me on this blog while I travel on this great adventure around the world. And a thanks to all the great people I have met while traveling on this grand adventure.

There will be a few more pictures add soon,

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