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This week we spent in London- visiting the sites? No visiting Hazel, Clive and Didi putting on our grandparents hat for once.

Our first day was Haloween so Heather(Oma)spent the day with Didi getting into the mood with baking a cake and putting up Haloween decorations. Didi enjoyed baking the cake which ended up having a double amount of cocoa powder being added! The cake was later iced by Didi and her friend Jacob before they went trick-a-treating. The cake was enjoyed by all particularly Gramps(Tony).

The next day saw Hazel and Didi joining us out at the campground and for a walk in Epping Forest. Didi was Oma's helper in walking Daisy. We all enjoyed our walk in the forest before returning to the coach for lunch and a game of Ludo.

Friday saw us doing grand parents duty by baby sitting Didi while Hazel and clive had a night out for a change.

Saturday was an early start with a visit to a local petting farm. There was plenty of goats, sheep, pigs and other small animals for Didi to stroke and hold. however it was bitterly cold so we were glad of the cafe for a warm drink.

On Sunday afternoon we had a final get together before saying goodbye for a while.

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