world trip 2012 travel blog

looking to downtown Reykjavik from hotel room

Hallgrimskirkja Church

heading east from Reykjavik

starting of the sunrise



map of the area we are traveling to the white is the...

sunrise at 09:38



Pingvellir National Park


a walk to the valley





our ride

Lake Pingvallavatn




Hot springs Grysir


getting ready to blow again

Langjokull the secon biggest Glacier in Iceland


swon groomer

the snow mobiles


Jeff on left, Russ, and Spency

some older man ??


a big Ford

Gufffoss waterfalls



from left to right Russell, Spency, Jeff and me

heading to the southern part of Iceland


small crater


the Perlan Restaurant (setting on top hot water tanks) from my hotel...

my Iceland horse amd me they are a small hores but very...


the group


here in my horse after the ride


the hot water springs





Up at 06:00 some computer stuff before heading down for breakfast and to get ready for my pickup from the hotel for my Golden Circle & Glacier tour. I am picked up in a beefed up Dodge truck with big tires for traveling to the Glacier, a stop to pick up the rest of the my tour group, 3 men (2 from Canada Russell, and Spencer and one from Lebanon Jeffery) we are off in the dark as the sunrise today is at 09:38am, we head east from Reykjavik to our first stop Pingvellir National Park where the Icelandic Parliament Alpingi was founded in 930AD this is where the tectonic plate boundaries between North America and Europe meet, here we see the sunrise over Iceland wow lots of color. Then it is on for a stop at the hot springs of Geysir, then our lunch stop at the Gullfoss waterfalls, didn't go the falls yet will see on the trip back, from here we head off on a icy road to Langjokull the second largest Glacier in Iceland and we hop on snow mobiles for a hour tour on top of the Glacier it was a really a cool trip. Then we stop again at the Gulfoss waterfalls walking down the trail to see the falls lots of mist coming of it and it is cold. Back to our truck and a drive along the southern end of Iceland and back to Reykjavik. Dinner and a beer back at the hotel and call it a night was a great day traveling around Iceland. Nov 10 a cold windy morning in Reykjavik had a horse back riding trip setup but was cancel for the morning, had to rebook for a afternoon trip, so spent the morning back at the hotel working on my travel blog. At 12:30pm headed off by bus to the riding stable and did about a hour ride on a Iceland horse was about 30 people on trip most of them beginners they took the slow route, 6 experienced riders with me took the fast trail was nice to trot on this 5 gated horse, there was some sunshine to start but was windy and cold. Then back on a bus for a trip to the Blue Lagoon was nice to soak after the ride, while there I met the guys from my glacier trip had a beer with them. Then back to the hotel and off for the northern lights tour, headed out of the city to south coast had a chance to see a pretty good display of lights, then back to the city and a couple beers and off to bed.

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